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The Circus That Came From Mars by Alfredo Cardona Peña

The Circus That Came From Mars
by Alfredo Cardona Peña
Photograph by Leticia Alaniz ©2015
Behold, the greatest and most amazing circus that ever visited planet earth is The Circus That Came From Mars!  Experience unimaginable family fun with a fantastic play written by Costa Rican playwright and poet, Alfredo Cardona Peña.  It's a magical, moving, and visual poetic production written for children and adults.  

The story begins with the long journey of the greatest circus to visit planet Earth from Mars.  There are many exiting and rare circus acts, awe inspiring feats of daring and spectacles of wonder never before seen on earth.  The acts are performed by martians and mythical, mysterious creatures.   But a very special and legendary creature, 50 meters tall, is Argos the Giant, (cleverly played by Sixto Orellana) who is known throughout the universe for his one hundred eyes and for his ability to guess the thoughts and wishes of children.  His hope on his visit to Earth is to bring magic and joy to all the children.

Meanwhile on Earth, in a humble home lives a little boy named Tomasito (played by Anthony Bedolla), whom lives with his younger sister, Carmelita (Nicole Sánchez) whom is blind.  Tomasito, hears about the circus coming to Earth and is eager to go see it.  The circus caused such a stir that all the schools were closed in the  frenzy of excitement.  

The circus was sent by a commission of sages, or wise men in appreciation to Earth for their first expedition to the friendly planet.  The amazing circus was too big and heavy and could not land so in order to enter its gigantic tent all the children had to be lifted up in a hot air ballon up to 2000 feet high. 

Inside the giant tent, there was a delicious and giant waterfall of chocolate and strawberry ice-cream for all the children to eat their fill.  Another act is the amazing dragon with a long tail that can dance and spew stars from its mouth instead of fire.  And if your eyes haven’t seen enough, out comes an eagle with three heads and dwarfed elephants that march synchronized to music!  Among other acts are Robert the illusionist (played by Robert Moreno) and a his little assistant beautifully played by Juliana Thompson.    

The Circus That Came From Mars
Izzy May
Photograph by Leticia Alaniz ©2015
The acts are so extraordinary but the most sensational act is Argos the Giant.  When the giant makes his spectacular entrance all is dark expect for one hundred beams of light that illuminate the stage coming from the hundred eyes of Argos like stars from the sky.  But Argos has only one goal, and since he is a gentle, kind, and loving giant, he wants to do good on planet earth.  He waits for all the children at the circus to send him their wishes and thoughts.  With his magical powers he comes across the most noble thought of them all.  It was Tomacito’s thought that moves him the most.  His only wish is for his little blind sister Carmelita to be able to see.

Three Headed Eagle
The Circus That Came From Mars
Costume Design by Israel Shalkour
Photograph by Leticia Alaniz ©2015
Carmelita, whom is at home with her mother (played by Marbella Barreto) feels a strange sensation come over her.  Something magical has happened.  She can finally see!  Carmelita begs to be taken to the circus and they go up to the gigantic tent.  Carmelita sees the spectacle and magic with her own eyes when suddenly they hear a loud, thunderous sound from the tent.  The circus prepares to leave planet earth and as it starts its ascend, colorful fireworks and lights beam down below for all the the children and spectators to enjoy.  

On Earth, no one ever knew that Argos the giant went back to Mars with only 98 eyes.  With his noble heart, he gave up two of his eyes so that one child on Earth could have the gift of vision.  

Don’t miss this magical theatrical experience!  Theater is art and most of all, theater is culture for the entire family.  

The Circus That Came From Mars

Directed by: Cora Cardona
Written by: Alfredo Cardona Peña

Sixto Orellana
Sorany Gutiérrez
Omar Padilla
Marbella Barreto
Anthony Bedolla
Juliana Thompson
Nicole Sánchez
Hollon Rojas
Izzy May
Robert Moreno

Show Dates: January 10 - February 1, 2015
All Performances at Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Rd., Dallas TX 75235
Tickets & Information: 214-689-6492


Sponsored by:
OCA, Univision, TCA, TACA